April 1/4: Inspiration and slowing down

Spring is a time when my brain starts churning out a lot of plans and ideas. I sat down recently to plan Sage's final year of preschool. Unless we find more students, our class size will be cut down to three. That's just fine. River was only 1 of 2 students his final year. I will miss our cozy group of 5 though. I have never worked with a group of kids like this one. Everyone gets along and is so eager to learn. One of the reasons my little weekly update is so late this week is because this was my week to teach and that pretty much filled up my Tuesday and Thursday.

March 4/4: Officially spring and visit from grandma and grandpa

That’s it. It is officially spring. So explain to me why there is still a dusting of snow on the ground and we need our winter coats? I find it humorous to hear everyone’s grumbles. This was life in New York. I remember a dusting of snow on the fully bloomed daffodils the spring we left for Maryland. This was at the end of April. Because hope never dies, I have complete faith that this is the last of it (even though I keep saying that and then it keeps snowing). It has to be the last. I mean, it’s almost April! This isn’t New York, this is Maryland!

March ¾: Spring? Hello? Are you out there somewhere?

Woke up to a headache and complete fatigue (which hardly ever happens). I am a perky morning person. I think....I think...I may have an allergy to snow! Solutions include: green, flowers, temps in the 60s and above, t-shirts,  TOMS, and sunshine. Unfortunately, winter is lingering still. I’ve been quite spoiled here in Maryland. Usually spring is in full swing my now. We have never, in all my years here, gotten such frequent snow. River’s school has used all its snow days and then some.

March 2/4 It’s all in perspective

It has been over a year since life started to become more complicated. Over this time, Jason has been handed a lot of poor health cards. First stomach problems that caused a huge loss of weight followed by a colonoscopy and endoscopy. His stomach problems flared up again. Then he got into his accident (he was hit by a car while riding his Vespa), broke his hand, and had surgery for that. Since then it seems like Jason feels poorly more often than well. Between and around all this has been his depression which is treated with medications.

March ¼: A new passion discovered and the continued drama of my left breast

I went ice skating again on Friday night. This time with Jason as a “date night” and to a different rink that’s a bit closer with cheaper prices. The new rink is actually quite a bit older with rather beat up skates. My skates had a metal knob poking into my right foot. After removing the grungy old skate and trying to adjust several times, I just shoved a tissue in there and skated uncomfortably but less painfully. Basically, I didn’t care. I didn’t want to get off the ice. I watched the advanced skaters when I could--trying to copy their movements.

February 4/4 A taste of spring and the little things

My favorite moment of the past week was ice skating with River. He’s never been and I haven’t skated since high school where I did not have a particularly great experience (what with all the falling that happened). River started out holding on to me, then skating beside me and lastly on his own. By the end he was going around by himself. He fell, a lot. But he got right back up after wiping ice flakes from his reddened hands.  I didn’t fall this time and not sure if it was the youtube video on ice skating for dummies or my yoga muscle and balance (I guess the latter).

February ¾: Snow, snow go away and borrow that baby

Thrill for 3 year old: getting a lunch box today while she goes to her friend's house.

Thrill for 31 year old: Finding out my dental claim has been paid, repositioning tasks around impending snow storm, husband willing to pick up library holds so I don't get a fine, and getting a lend of my neighbor's car (again) so I can volunteer in River's class.

I want to be thrilled about a lunch box.

February 2/4: Boob drama and the family comedian

River dressed for a birthday party. Sage just got dressed (by herself, obviously)

Today was a day of having my breasts fondled. As always, I feel a slight adoration of medical staff getting all personal with my body parts with skill, respect and gentleness. It is a professional skill I greatly admire as I could not image manipulating another lady’s breast to sandwich it just so between two clear pieces of plastic. Especially when lack of deodorant revealed the reek brewing in my armpits every time I had to move as I was repositioned for the mammogram. I have benign calcium deposits scattered throughout my breast tissue like freckles.

February ¼ Preparing for school days round 2

I’ve been much more relaxed in teaching Sage pre-kindergarten skills. Most of this is because I’ve proved to myself I can do a pretty damn good job NOT paying for a preschool, pre-k or nursery school program for my children. Secondly, because it became apparent in the first few weeks of River’s kindergarten that I’d done way more than I had to.


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