In the mirror

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I woke up and looking in the mirror this morning and finally caught a glimpse of "Autumn before baby happened". The weight seems to just be melting off me, but since I returned the scale I didn't like and have yet to find one I do, I can't back up my observations with fact. All I know is that aside for a little mound of loose flesh around my belly button and a bit of meat over my hips, I look just as thin as I did before I had River. It must be some illusion, because that isn't possible. Maybe I'm just getting used to what motherhood has done to my body. Which is lovely since it's not a bad thing!

My new favorite thing to do is randomly stand in front of the mirror with River in my arms. His whole body stiffens and his leg stick straight down. His eyes get wide and his lips purse and he sorta trembles. Then he begins hooting and "barking" at his reflection. All I can think of is a beta fish.

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