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When I was a baby I had curls and a reddish hint to my hair, sorta like River only not THAT  curly. Then my hair became pin straight. In high school I had my father cut half of it off and it frizzed out like crazy. Imagine the 1970's. Later in high school, depressed and borderline insane (the teenage norm) I had it all chopped off to my ears and it curled. This continued until I got pregnant. Then my curl vanished and my hair darkened- just a shade. 

Jason and I have knocked around the idea of dying my hair a bit lighter. I'm not really one for hair dye. I prefer to enjoy what I've been given. I don't wear make-up. I don't style my hair. The only thing I wish I could do, but just can't is...not shave. Body hair is just...gross to me. I wish I felt otherwise. I'm sure Jason is happy I don't have a jungle in my armpit.

That being said, I don't like how dark my hair has become. If it were summer, I'd be a bit darker and the nearly black hair would not look so odd, but I am white with a tinge of olive. I think the dark hair makes me look sickly!

So the questions is, to dye or not to dye? 

Let it grow back out long or keep it short?

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I say do whatever inspires you (long/short/dyed). While hair is the "crowing glory" for a lot of woman, it's pretty easy to switch up. I am growing my hair long now (for our wedding) but I had two short haircuts recently and loved them. When Tatiana was born, I had long hair and when I cut it short for the first time in my life last year I loved it, I felt like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday!

Dyeing your hair requires a lot of maintenance.

I should break out the photos of all the years to show you the diff styles, colors I've gone through...
Since you are somewhat undecided, don't do anything... that is, until you are sure on what you want to do... maybe we can talk hair today if we don't talk about the book? Hahaa LOL :)

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