Wednesday: read Duma Key

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Duma Key
This is one of Stephen King's newer books and very easy to get into. He builds a palpable world that sticks with you long after the book is done and many of the stories elements are similar to earlier books. He likes to play with the same themes. 

The story is about a man named Edgar almost killed in a construction accident. The brain trauma gives him a number of problems, one being a doorway to the supernatural.  When he gets away from his ruined marriage by going to an island called Duma Key, he discovers that he can draw and paint.  These creations have a haunting power.  He hasn't always been the only person with this talent--manipulated by something dark and powerful. The mystery of the island unfolds as Edgar becomes further entrenched in his art.

I strongly recommend you pick this up. If you don't like King because he is "too scary", I don't think you'll have that problem with this one. His newer books are less scary and far more literary, almost romantic even. I find the beauty of his writing is in its simplicity and repetition. 

If you get around to reading it, let me know what you think.

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I'm a serial reader so I would be in so much trouble if I got hooked on Stephen King. Maybe I'll read a King book when the kids are older and I have more free time.

I just finished it. Scary! I'm going to have nightmares tonight for sure. I don't always like Stephen King but this one was very good. Thanks for the recommendation. =)

I like his more classic things works. It, The Stand, Rose Madder, Dolores Caliborne, etc. Did you see they are making a movie of Bag of Bones? Could be good.

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