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Lately all my free time has been caught up in housework and reading. I try not to use all River's nap time "working" because I need a break. So I've been breaking up my "projects" into smaller sections. What I mean by all this is...painting. I ran out of paint for a couple rooms and left them unfinished for far too long. Now I am nearly done with the painted rooms and only have part of the hall, River's room and our bedroom to paint...another time...maybe over the winter. 

I've also been shopping at I am usually pretty good. I mean, the only reason I even went back there was to find a birthday present for my mom and then I had to go back to see if things had shipped yet and leave reviews for things I had received.

On one of these productive trips, I pondered looking around at orange colored prints solely for the purpose of balancing out the orange color of the dinning room accent wall with an orange print across from it. I usually just favorite things I like and turn away. 

But there was a sale! A buy-one-get-one-free-with-free-shipping-sale. I couldn't pass that up. Plus, I had just gotten paid for a story so the money was just sitting there in my paypal account. 

and this one (the FREE one!)


*having great summer sales all this week!

Then I happened to spy this one, which I would have simply saved it there weren't only a few prints left! Isn't it lovely? 


I was supposed to use that money towards a desk for the office...darn.

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