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Mothering two kids takes some getting used to. I spent about four hours yesterday morning trying to get out of the house. By the end of that time I felt close to tears. I was so frustrated that I couldn't get out the door. It is mostly that my breasts are in high demand and nursing is a 20-30 minute commitment.

On a tangent-- I used to think women who chose not to breastfeed were selfish by not giving their infants the best food out there. Now, now I totally understand. All this "better for your baby" mumbo-jumbo is a huge investment of time and effort. That would be the boob-milk, the cloth diapers, the baby wearing, the staying-home-with-the-kids-thing. Formula mommies, I envy you your freedom. Hired a nanny? Dude, I understand. Disposables bad for the environment and your wallet? Saves you a shit load of time in doing laundry, stuffing diapers, folding pre-folds...

Oh, so back to how I couldn't get out of the house. It was partly that I only had one hand free if the baby is awake. Add to that a potty training kid that still requires my assistance to go.  Then there is the sheer amount of crap I have to haul around for the kid that could possibly piss himself and the one that most certainty will followed by a rocket ship explosion of orange poo.

Not every morning is like that though. Monday I got out of the house with no problems. It was easy. That's just the things with kids. You can't control them. Add a second and you're out numbered--having to change your plans for the needs of not one demanding child, but two.

And some people are more neurotic than others and don't-like-not-getting-things-done.


I have them.

Of course, it's only been two weeks. Things will get easier as I get used to this and Sage gets a bit older. You know, old enough that I don't have to worry about River falling on her and squishing her flat. A true concern. While not malicious, my number one is hella clumsy. When he runs, he looks drunk. No lie.

My mood is also heavily influenced by how much sleep I manage to snag. It seems that about every other night, I get just enough and the ones in between I run on about four hours. That being said, Sage is a much better sleeper (thus far) than River. I don't yet feel totally brain dead from fatigue.

So two+ weeks into this whole mother of two thing and what would I recommend?

Maybe a slightly larger age gap between child one and child two. To make sure one is completely potty trained and in preschool before you complicate your life with a newborn. Which, er, was the plan that didn't quite work out when I got pregnant only a couple weeks after being off birth control when we were, er, trying not to get pregnant the old fashioned way.

Other recommendation--don't avoid pregnancy the old fashioned way. Doesn't work.

Still, life is pretty good. Mainly because River is wonderful with his sister. Giving her kisses and hugs, wanting to hold her, helping me wash her, running into my room to check on her when he hears her making noise. He hasn't yet had any jealousy issues directed at her. I'm waiting on them, but so far not-a-one. It's a good feeling to see him loving her. Especially after she just shit on my hand (making up for the fact she can't pee on me it seems).

I'm tired, easily frustrated, and feeling a bit out of my element but still---happy.

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Isn't the old fashioned way abstinance? =P

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