Silly girly goose

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I am the giver of nicknames to my children and try some on for size and swap them out quite frequently. Sage has been Little Miss, Missy, Miss Girl and Miss Baby. We also still use Sagey and Sagil once in a while. A friend even called her Sage-a-licious. From this same friend, I stole Girly Goose which has to be the sweetest pet name ever and really fits with Sage's new goofy developments. 

Introducing, The Goosey

She is recently very interested in trying to put on clothing. She even helps me put on her clothing by sticking in one leg and then another and trying to help get her arms in the arm holes. The spider ring above is being used as a pacifier. She has carried around a toy over her arm for a good half hour as if it were a purse. Each time it slipped, she set it back into the crease of her elbow and continued on her way tottering back and forth--exploring. 

River and I attended a birthday party over the weekend. Jason informed us that while we were gone, Sage wondered around saying, "River? River? River?" and once or twice even an inquiring, "Mama?" 

This age is so fun. So quickly she learns. Words are sprouting like weeds and humor blooming. She learning so quickly about her world and sharing her small little opinions on it. 

I can't wait to see what else Miss Goose has is store for us.

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