The impending ONE

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I've said before that age one was the hardest year with River. I bragged that two was nothing. Two was joy. I thought three has been a bit harder but age one was by far the most challenging.

Here I am again with another (almost) one year old. It's all coming back to me. The exact whys of why one is such a challenging year.

--She's very, very busy. Sometimes her endless pacing, circle walking, and wondering hither and yon makes me feel a little nutty. Kinda like someone running their nails down a chalkboard again and again. Like, oh my f--ing god child--can't you be still for a minute?!  This doesn't even include the fact that she will walk blithely down steps, off bed and couches, into traffic and up to ravenous, blood thirsty bears without a second glance or cautious thought. Mobility keeps her busy and keeps me busy as well. She is not to be trusted. She's hell bent on killing herself or at least a good harsh maiming. Maybe, if she's lucky, she'll just be kidnapped by a nice childless family. I dare not let my eyes off her. Even at home she wants toys in the toilet, her body in the cat's water bowl, and shoes in her mouth. 

--She doesn't understand the fact that you don't always get what you want. Today alone included mini tantrums over wanting my hot mug of coffee, into the kitchen, out of the bedroom, the toy River had just picked up, and my bookmark. I mean loud, angry, hurt wails of--How could you not give me that?! I WANT IT! I GET WHAT I WANT! For now she's still easily distracted but that will change and quickly until the tantrums reach such severity that it will be sounding like I am torturing her for thirty minutes THIRTY TIMES A DAY, but really I just wouldn't let her O.D. on my daily vitamins. 

--She's clumsy as hell. One is the age of bumps, bruises, scraps and various other assorted wounds caused by falling. We still have to get through jumping and climbing over here. Girl just learned the climb up stairs but has little to no interest in climbing down safely. That would be too logical. One is not logical. One is hell bent on being insane. 

--She has very little communication. "That" is a flexible word but still kinda limiting. She rocks the "That" though because she wants everything. "No" and "Mine" are right around the corner. 

--We're not there yet but--hitting and biting. Mommy abuse. It's coming. It's almost here. 

My baby just went from being easy to please and amuse to a demanding little hellion destroying my house and what remains of my hearing. It's hard to believe looking my peanut daughter, but I've been there. I've done that. I'm going to do it all again. You can't scare me, Sage. Bring it, (almost) one year old. 


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