Sixteen months

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Dear Sage,

We have reached the second chapter of toddler hood. It is titled "Pain in the Ass" with a subtitle of "unstoppable". You are into everything. All your brother's toys--broken apart and scattered. You want something--it must be had or you will enter baby rage. Nap time--only if forced. Food--optional. Can't ice cream be every meal? I know it will get worse before it gets better. That you will soon start running away in public and acting insane if we dare go out to eat. I know the tantrums (minor for the time being) will probably reach new highs. I've seen the other end of the tunnel though. Like your reasonable, communicative four year old brother. We'll get there. For now I'm going to enjoy the fact that you are still a baby. Still nursing and small, still in diapers and speaking nonsense. Especially since, if things go Daddy's way, you will be my last baby. 

You are so much fun. Just being around you, seeing your joy and easy pleasure, your old little quirks and explorations--bring all of us smiles. I smile now just thinking about your bobbing up and down and trying so very hard to jump like River. Or the way you plopped up beside him on the couch to watch cartoons like he was. He leaned over, happy to have you pressed so close, and kissed your cheek. You are the little darling of the household. Even though we all get exasperated with your destructive tendencies, you bring far more pleasure than angst to each person around you. Yes, even when you bite which you will do, laughing wickedly, if anyone lets you pop a finger in your mouth.

You love to get pushed over on the bed. You will silently laugh with just hint of breath and four teeth showing. It is the oddest laugh ever. Your nose wrinkles when you do it. You look like such a brat.

You love dancing, just like River did. And if we sing to you, you will sing nonsense along with us in the correct tune. You have a great ear for music. You know the tunes to all River's favorite Christmas songs that we sang so much before the holidays. I can sing, "la la la" and you will sing it back to me with correct pitch and tone. 

If you really want my attention you hardly ever bother with saying "Mama" instead you simply yell and waggle a finger. You're such a princess. One thing you flip out over is River's old tricycle. You love to ride that thing. I have pushed you on it for walks. If I have to remove you to carry it up and down stairs, you scream with hurt and rage. How-could-I-remove-you-from-the-tricycle?!

Earlier this month you had chair rage. I was not allowed to sit in my computer chair since you claimed it as your own. You would scream, claw at my legs and/or climb up behind me and try to push me off. Since then, you have learned to climb up all the other chairs. They must be pushed in at all times or you will be up on the table, knocking River's water over and playing in the puddle.

The poor xmas tree was destroyed by you this past month. Every single ornament within grab distance was removed. And you would do it, throw the ball at me and then run away laughing. You said "Hi" to every person we passed in Target and kiss Daddy goodnight every night with a "mwah!" noise before shoving him away, waving impatiently, and saying "Bye Bye". I told you "no" one day and you said "Yes" and nodded slowly and seriously. You put up a bare foot and say, "Stinky! Stinky!" in your small little elf voice. It is adorable. You aren't much of a talker but you understand a lot. 

The monkey see, monkey do of a second child never ceases to amuse me. You know when you are missing out and will forcefully barge your way into people or climb into my lap to be a part of the action. This causes conflict when I am trying to put together a new toy for River or read him a book. You have no concept of waiting your turn. You are watchful and copy flushing the toilet, putting on costumes River just took off, and playing with toys he just finished playing with. River will often say, "She wants to do everything I do!"

"Sagey" you say, pointing to yourself in the mirror. Yes, sweet Sagey, my quite but forceful little spit fire. You love to wear headbands, purses, other's people's shoes, bracelets and necklaces. Or anything you think could be a bracelet or necklace. You thrive--grow, change, and learn. It is such a blessing to be with you each and every day. 



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