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I have virtual post-its up on my computer of ideas for blog entries. But between trying to finish a dense non-fiction before I have to return it to the library and working on putting together home school for River next year, every ounce of my free time is evaporating rather quickly. I'm excited to share my homeschooling research and plans with everyone but I'm on a tight planning schedule jotting down materials I need, planning my teaching space, making a schedule, researching the best way to teach topics, and putting together lessons. My summer goal is to have approximately 12 lessons per month and to write one month's worth per week! This way I can at least have a frame by summer's end for where I want to go with homeschooling. This leaves me more time, once I start teaching, to find the books, purchase and organize materials, and be flexible with my teaching on a week-to-week basis. The goal is no workbooks and no worksheets and no drills. And so, it is all more work on me. 

I also am doing mini-lessons (15 mins) with River during Sage's nap on Mon, Wed, and Fri where we would normally have preschool--just for the summer. My goal is to not have everything he learned this past year steam out of his ears in this summer heat. 

Basically, I'm very very busy. 

And so, the purpose of this ramble---

I won't be blogging consistently five days a week for the summer. I'm taking a break. Putting my heels up (only not really).  I'm putting my limited time elsewhere, for now. 

I can promise that I will continue to share books I've read and write letters to the children monthly. I will also commit to one substantial post a week. But that will probably be it until my life calms back down (if it ever does).

Everyone, enjoy your summer!

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