Wednesday: read novels by Lisa See

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I first picked up Lisa See at the Barnes & Nobles by Union Square Park in NYC. I was spending the day there, waiting for a friend to get off work, and terrified my hopeless sense of direction would get me lost in the maze of city streets. So I stuck right around the park, bought this book and read it sardined between the lunch rush of bodies that packed each bench and the bums who slept in the sparse shade of the trees. I ended up having coffee with a crazy man who admitted, 3/4s of the way through his invasive conversation that he was schizophrenic, and then I finished my book. 

SnowFlowerpb (1).jpg
The story is about a girl living in China and the correspondence she keeps with her friend, Snow Flower, through a paper fan. The most fascinating bit is the process of foot binding. Really though, this is a story of friendship. I used this book for the first book club I hosted. People who I lend this to, always seem to enjoy it. If you haven't read it, you really should. 


Peony in love is a ghost story and while, not my favorite Lisa See book, like all her other work, you get to learn a lot about ancient China and enjoy a good read as well.


The last book of Lisa See's I can recommend brings us into the modern era with a pair of sisters who immigrate to the United States and their experiances here. Also, very very good. 

Go read a Lisa See book! 

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