Wednesday: read the Tao Te Ching

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I have read through this ancient Chinese (translated to English, of course) text two times so far. I'm sure I will read it again. The text is made up of eighty-one verses. It says on the back of my copy that this book has been translated more than any other book. The second runner up being the Bible. Like the Bible, this is a religious text, but unlike the Bible it is far more inclusive and open. What I took from it is that we, as all living creatures, are part of the ten thousand things (divinity) and as the whole it made up of contrasting characteristics, so are we. (Think the Yin and Yang symbol which is representative of Taoism).

Taoism is especially important to Jason who, long before I met him, had the yin tattooed on one wrist and the yang on the other. The text also makes many mentions of the sage (a wise person). It was from this text, we got our daughter's name.

Tao means "way" or "path" and is meant to act as one, of many, paths towards enlightenment/going back to the source/living our lives more peacefully with presence and wisdom.  It offers guidance and causes one to ponder the world in a new way.  

As I continue to study world religions and mythology, I am struck again and again by how beliefs overlap and express our essential humanness. 

Taoism remains one of my favorite paths out there. 

Pick up this ancient text, read a verse out loud, discuss it with your partner and challenge your brain to be free from the day-to-day for just a little bit.

"Tao in the world is like a river flowing home to the sea."

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