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a sudo-eccentric in a nutshell...

My personal version of heaven involves the following: a room full of kittens. I aspire to be one of those crazy cat ladies covered head to toe in fur and leaving her possessions to 'Boots', 'Whiskers', and 'Fluffy-kins' in her will. 

Hi, I'm Autumn. I am a transplant to Baltimore from rural upstate New York and live with my comic guru husband, my son River, daughter Sage, and four particular cats. I often accessorize with their fur. Occasionally, they bequeath my foot with a soggy hairball. 

I began 'blogging' before the term 'blogging' existed (in my vocabulary anyway), in the fall of 2000. I spent the next several years sharing my dramatic teenage inspired angst with the world wide web. In college I made my rantings more personal and also private- confined only to select viewers, 99.9% who knew me in person.

You could say that without the internet my life would be very different. I met my husband online in a chat room about a series of books in the summer of 1998. I met him in person at a greyhound bus stop in the fall of 2001 during my freshman year of college. I knew that day that we would marry. We eloped in January 2005 to lower my car insurance and I birthed his spawn, our darling son, December of 2007. You can read all about it in the archives if the fancy takes you.

Currently, I spend my time as a stay-at-home-mother. I once worked on getting published before my life grew too insane and my brain turned to sludge. I hope to pick that up again some day soon. You can find the list of stories that I've sold in my bibliography. Many of which are FREE to read online. Side-note: I do not hate men.

I showcase a book I've read every Wednesday and will gladly read anything you recommend. Each month I write a letter to my children (inspired by Heather Armstrong's letter to her daughter Leta over at dooce.com).

In January 2010 my younger brother, Bryan, passed away in a car accident after being depressed for most of a year.  I sometimes write him letters about our life together. This blog chronicles my grieving and celebration of his life. 

I would describe my blog as the shameless ramblings of a woman with little to no concept of sharing too much information. I should wear a label that says "rated M for mature audiences only."

My past times include reading every single book I can get my hands on, decorating endlessly on a restricted budget, denying my hair attention, playing the occasional video game, writing fantastical, borderline horrific stories when I can snag a moment to indulge and mooning over trees, flowers, and the the feel of sun on my skin.

in summery (about f--ing time)...

A 'supposed' psychic once spread my fingers and twanged the web of skin between them like a guitar string. She proclaimed in awe that I was quite the subtle rebel who would continuously march to the beat of my own drum, but that most people would never think it of me at first glance.

(My husband calls me a hipster)

(My best friend calls me a zen feminist hipster)

Well, here I am- marching on: a borderline bleeding heart liberal, a shameless bibliophile, a mother, a wife, a woman.

Here's a bucket to puke in.

And you're very welcome.

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